Thursday, November 8, 2007

On Gilbertology

Two months ago, I didn't know who Gilbert Arenas was. Today, I was hoping he would kick the shit out of Wil Wheaton.

There are a lot of reasons why I should want Wil Wheaton to win the 2007 Weblog Award for Best Celebrity Blog. I've been reading his blog on and off for a couple of years, he and I are both nerds, he's a talented writer with an interesting voice. But there I was, reading the repeated pleas from Gilbertology to vote for Agent Zero and hoping he pulled a Nixon in '72 style landslide on WWDN. Seriously, fuck Wesley Crusher. And fuck George McGovern.

So here I am, backing a blog that I don't really read, written by a basketball star that I only recently learned existed, over a cultural icon of my demographic. In part, I'll admit it was an urge to back the underdog in a way that completely recasts the definition of "under" -- where else but the blogosphere is a decades removed, moderately successful child actor cum cult hero the presumptive favorite over a star in a major professional sports league? Maybe WWDN has also been on a bit of a downswing lately as Wil focuses on his new book and a guest spot on Num3rs. Or maybe it's this: 20 grand on whether Gazo the Pranksta can shoot a better percentage of college range 3's one handed than DeShawn Stevenson can shoot from pro range two handed.

It isn't just the win, it's the challenge. And that's why I backed Arenas. Still, I was also glad to see him win, if only for comments like this:

That’s amazing that you can beat out 30 years of Star Trek followers in two days. They should be ashamed of themselves...

Wheaton fell apart in the competition worse than Britney Spears’ career has.

The other people didn’t have a chance. No one was close. Kanye ... 500 votes? Yeah, I got 10,000. You can’t tell me nothing.

Yeah, he deserved it.


Steven Simunic said...

I wouldn't necessarily say that Wheaton was some powerful overdog. Arenas's shit has been getting some pretty serious love from FD and Deadspin for the better part of two years, whereas Wheaton just has the Farkers.

And Gilbert's departure from the GSW pretty much put a lid on any incipient basketball fandom, so I'm only going to muster a half-enthused "rah" for his triumphs.

Kanye has a blog?

CH said...

Yeah, it's mostly pictures of stuff followed by a sentence of commentary to convince you that yes, Kanye's life really is that much cooler than yours.

Steven Simunic said...

I'm not not jealous, I'll admit.